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What have I been up to lately: Tactive showcase

Last year at TFE we (Jaap and I) have been working on a project called Tactive. It’s an online platform for treatment of addictions. This platform is a replacement for the already existing treatment for an alcohol addiction. It seems to be easier for people to sign up for a treatment online rather than meeting an expert face to face.

The platform is build generic and can be extended for other addictions but the first release is for an alcohol addiction. The platform consists of seven Flex applications, from these applications the client uses three. The other applications are used by counselors and administrators.

TextInput to Label when editable is false

Well the title of this post says it all. I came across a lot of situations which required that some fields should be possible to edit for a certain group of users and some users of cource didn’t have these rights.

A textinput has a property editable but when I set this to false it still shows you the textinput box which I think looks like it’s still editable and doesn’t give the user the right feedback untill he tries to edit it which sounds kinda frustrating to me.

Truncated datagrid column in Flex

I was looking for a way to get some of my datagrid fields nicely truncated because some where to long but also because the window is completely scalable. Since I had to use itemrenders anyway I thought I just could set the truncateToFit property of a label in an itemrender. But when the datagrid is resized it does not automaticly resize the renders.

So this is what I came up with: Continued