Flash on the beach ‘08 report

Wow that was a week. A week full of beer, beach and seminars. I will give you a couple of highlights for me.

Stefan Richter showed some nice examples on what to do with flash media server… nothing really new to me on what was possible with it but I loved the examples that he did. It was inspiring.

Andries Odendaal was also a highlight for me…damn dude, how can you fuck up a presentation like that, you are probably a genius but I couldn’t stand watching you struggling there on stage. And if you had the same problems with your computer last year you should have replaced it by now I think.

Luckily for me came Chris Orwig after that talking about photography. Chris was talking about the impact of photos and the story that they can tell. Great presentation, I would love to follow a course at your school because I learned a lot during your seminar which was only an hour. Do not focus on the technical aspect and materials but on just making the shot because it could never happen again. The story about the student who tried to make a portrait of his dad but didn’t because the circumstances weren’t right and then the father died before the student had shot the portrait had a real impact on me and is so true!
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Flash on the Beach ‘08

Tomorrow we are leaving for 3 days of flash on the beach. I’m really looking forward to get inspiration from other people and of course have some fun!

I will try to keep a little diary of my time in Brighton in England here on my blog and get the dust of this thing ;)

Flash on the beach

TextInput to Label when editable is false

Well the title of this post says it all. I came across a lot of situations which required that some fields should be possible to edit for a certain group of users and some users of cource didn’t have these rights.

A textinput has a property editable but when I set this to false it still shows you the textinput box which I think looks like it’s still editable and doesn’t give the user the right feedback untill he tries to edit it which sounds kinda frustrating to me.
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Great tool: ASDebugger

Ids klijnsma, friend and colleague of mine, has made this great tool that I’d like to give attention to. It’s a new and great actionscript debugger for as3 flex and flash projects.

While the flash and flex ide have great debuggers it’s always a problem when your project is already online and if you want to trace complicated objects. ASDebugger does this trick for you.
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The Peach open movie project

It’s not going to be a habit to promote movies here but i’d like to point you to this one. It’s called big buck bunny to completly made with under a creative commons licence.

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