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Subversion finally working! Some tips.

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to buy an old model (Core 2 duo though) of a 1.83 ghz mac mini with 2gig memory against a very reasonable price. I was looking for a mac mini for a while now to use as server, subversion, continuous builds and mediacenter.

I installed a clean install of leopard and had a php server with mysql setup in no time with the standard apache installation but getting subversion up and running was a bigger problem… at least for me it was since I usually don’t do this stuff. Perhaps this post may be of some help.

TextInput to Label when editable is false

Well the title of this post says it all. I came across a lot of situations which required that some fields should be possible to edit for a certain group of users and some users of cource didn’t have these rights.

A textinput has a property editable but when I set this to false it still shows you the textinput box which I think looks like it’s still editable and doesn’t give the user the right feedback untill he tries to edit it which sounds kinda frustrating to me.

Accessibility: Enlarging text in Flex

I’m currently busy for a project at theFactor.e which needs the fontsize to be set a couple of point bigger and back again to increase accessibility of the webapplication. This is what I ended up with and this is how it is done:

It all works with 3 stylesheets. In my example default, normal and enlarged. The default works like a normal stylesheet and is added like this to your application: Continued

Here it is…

Apollo has been released this morning in a alpha version. Download it here.


Lynda has but up some tutorial video’s on Apollo already. Go check them out now

And here is a shared book, titled “Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide” and it free for non commercial usage.