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Great tool: ASDebugger

Ids klijnsma, friend and colleague of mine, has made this great tool that I’d like to give attention to. It’s a new and great actionscript debugger for as3 flex and flash projects.

While the flash and flex ide have great debuggers it’s always a problem when your project is already online and if you want to trace complicated objects. ASDebugger does this trick for you.

The Peach open movie project

It’s not going to be a habit to promote movies here but i’d like to point you to this one. It’s called big buck bunny to completly made with under a creative commons licence.


Adobe Flash Video Event 27 March

Yesterday I went down to Amsterdam to join an Adobe event on flash video on behave of my employer TFE. Ofcourse it was all a marketing trick to promote adobe’s products but I must say it was quite oke! It started to impress me with the location for this event which was in a television studio which is used weekdays for talkshows based about recent events. I never have been to a tv studio before so it was pretty nice to see all that camera’s and lighting. And a part of the event was a presentation by Dutchview ( a tv show producer ) on how all the stuff works. All is digital. No more bad old tapes. They also showed us that it was possible to create a recap within a couple of minutes after a for example a live football broadcast. All due to this digital processing.

Strict JSON validator

Since last week I’m working on a personal project which is using a JSON string. Now all was working fine but on some results I was having problems parsing it to JSON.

I’m using the JSON parser in the as3 corelib which has been written by Darron Schnall. It’s a very strict parser and the JSON I get back sometimes isn’t that well formatted.

FITC Amsterdam 25% discount

On the 25 and 26 of Februari it’s time for Flash in the Can to visit Europe for the first time in their history.
And we the dutch have the honour to host this great event in Amsterdam!