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The Peach open movie project

It’s not going to be a habit to promote movies here but i’d like to point you to this one. It’s called big buck bunny to completly made with under a creative commons licence.


Adobe Flash Video Event 27 March

Yesterday I went down to Amsterdam to join an Adobe event on flash video on behave of my employer TFE. Ofcourse it was all a marketing trick to promote adobe’s products but I must say it was quite oke! It started to impress me with the location for this event which was in a television studio which is used weekdays for talkshows based about recent events. I never have been to a tv studio before so it was pretty nice to see all that camera’s and lighting. And a part of the event was a presentation by Dutchview ( a tv show producer ) on how all the stuff works. All is digital. No more bad old tapes. They also showed us that it was possible to create a recap within a couple of minutes after a for example a live football broadcast. All due to this digital processing.

Dutch Adobe user group: 10-10-2007 interactive video

Today I went to the Dutch adobe user group meeting in Amsterdam. It was all about interactive video and stuff that has to do with it. A very interesting meeting and especially in the end an inspiring meeting. Before the break it was more a company commercial for NetMaster by Mark de Jong. It’s not really what I found necessary on this meeting. If I wanted this information I go look for it on the web. But never the less probably a good company for streaming servers and more. Waldo Smeets was also there telling us about flash media server 3 and adobe mediaplayer. These presentations where good as expected by Waldo but some disappointments here about FMS 3 not supporting building custom items to it and is just like FMS 2 it that way. What it has is an encrypted rtmp connection and better performance. But it looks to me like a 2.5 version instead of a 3 version. (to be honest this too could all be looked up at the web) Continued

Precise all the way

I’ve been busy with Adobe after effects for a couple weeks now, but didn’t really have the time to go into it all the way. Well yesterday evening I tried and ended up with this result:

What I tried to do here is to create a fake commercial for the Apple iPhone simply because I needed a good subject. I have worked here with multiple compositions, time remaping, 3d layers and a couple effects. I’m pretty pleased with the result, although I know it’s not perfect. When you are working with AE you have to work very precise, something I lack a bit right know since I’m still in a learning fase and want to take as many assets of AE. The 3d effect when the programs are put on the iPhone could be much better if I was preciser.

First attempt in video editing

See here my first attempt in working with video. What I tried to do here is creating a trailer for the movie the bourne supremacy. I edited it with a mashup from depeche mode and something from the movie the matrix.

I’m pretty pleased with the last part of the trailer, say starting at 1:26. It has a nice flow from then on but the first part I’m not so sure about. Since it is a long trailer I think the first part as it is would loose people. So I’m probably changing that in the upcoming week. Let me know what you think of it in the comments, it would be a great help!