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Apollo… i’m confused here

I’ve been thinking a lot about Apollo these last days. What is it about and what can we do with it…

The question I asked myself when I took a first look at Apollo is what is so revolutionizing about this. Most of the things I saw I have seen before by other third party software like Zinc for example. Sure those are not cross-platform and in most cases not free to use next to flash or flex, but I did not see anything to make Apollo stand out on these third party software except for it user-friendlyness.

Secondly why would I use it. I don’t use those other products why would I use Apollo? I really don’t see the advantage of bringing applications back to my computer. It’s like going back to the 90’s when internet wasn’t as big and “good” as it is today. All the programs and games had to be installed. When switching different computers you were always missing something that was on the other computer. Is Apollo a step back then? I do believe it is. I thought we were heading to an area where we were having no user based computers, but terminals where we all could access our data online. But instead we gonna end up missing all our programs we had installed on our other computer.

Bit of sarcasm in that last part, but I’m confused about Apollo. What are the advantages???

Here it is…

Apollo has been released this morning in a alpha version. Download it here.


Lynda has but up some tutorial video’s on Apollo already. Go check them out now

And here is a shared book, titled “Apollo for Adobe Flex Developers Pocket Guide” and it free for non commercial usage.