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FITC Amsterdam Sold Out

Two weeks in advance of its European debut, FITC has sold out its event in Amsterdam. FITC Amsterdam is scheduled for February 25 + February 26, 2008 at the Felix Meritis European Centre for Arts and Sciences. This is the first time that FITC, now in its seventh year, has ventured outside North America.

“Amsterdam has a reputation as a place for cool technology and hot design, which is one of the reasons why we chose it for our European debut,” says Shawn Pucknell, Founder of FITC and Executive Producer of FITC Amsterdam. “Now that the event has sold out well in advance, we’re confident in the choice we made.”

Review: ServiceCapture

I have been developing RIA applications for quit some years now and ever since i’ve been looking for a good connection debugger. I’ve tried a couple including the netconnection debugger from adobe and Charles but the one who worked best for me was ServiceCapture.

Flex doubleclick problem pen tablet

Because of some wrist strain I started out using a wacom pen tablet. It works perfect for me but I’m experiencing some problems with using it in flex.

It seems that the doubleclick event requires a very steady hand, because it handles it on one pixel so it seems. I’m not that steady:)

FITC Amsterdam 25% discount

On the 25 and 26 of Februari it’s time for Flash in the Can to visit Europe for the first time in their history.
And we the dutch have the honour to host this great event in Amsterdam!


Dutch Adobe user group: 10-10-2007 interactive video

Today I went to the Dutch adobe user group meeting in Amsterdam. It was all about interactive video and stuff that has to do with it. A very interesting meeting and especially in the end an inspiring meeting. Before the break it was more a company commercial for NetMaster by Mark de Jong. It’s not really what I found necessary on this meeting. If I wanted this information I go look for it on the web. But never the less probably a good company for streaming servers and more. Waldo Smeets was also there telling us about flash media server 3 and adobe mediaplayer. These presentations where good as expected by Waldo but some disappointments here about FMS 3 not supporting building custom items to it and is just like FMS 2 it that way. What it has is an encrypted rtmp connection and better performance. But it looks to me like a 2.5 version instead of a 3 version. (to be honest this too could all be looked up at the web) Continued