Subversion finally working! Some tips.

A couple of weeks ago I got the chance to buy an old model (Core 2 duo though) of a 1.83 ghz mac mini with 2gig memory against a very reasonable price. I was looking for a mac mini for a while now to use as server, subversion, continuous builds and mediacenter.

I installed a clean install of leopard and had a php server with mysql setup in no time with the standard apache installation but getting subversion up and running was a bigger problem… at least for me it was since I usually don’t do this stuff. Perhaps this post may be of some help.

Pull Hair

Setting up subversion it self was no problem at all following this great tutorial, but the big problem I had was integrating it in my apache server. Shouldn’t be that hard on a first glance but apparently a clean install of leopard installs an older subversion module in apache then the subversion running on the mac itself. Trying to visit the page in a browser would result in “Could not open the requested SVN File system”. I first tried replacing the modules with the right ones (at least that’s what I thought) but then apache failed to start up. I then upgraded the complete subversion to 1.6 for os x which also installs new modules in apache and it was working like a Charm:)

Next step: Continuous builds.

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  1. On Apr 10, 2009, Daniel said:

    You should be aware that there is a major issue when sharing files via SVN between Windows und Mac operating systems. Since those 2 systems use different mechanisms for umlauts you will have duplicated files if you checkout from a windows based repo to a Mac an vice versa.

  2. On Apr 10, 2009, Niels Bruin said:

    Finally! Great tip!

  3. On Apr 10, 2009, Gerben Robijn said:

    Thanks for the tip Daniel. Lucky for me I am a compleet mac user

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