Relational Particle Concept

A couple months ago I got the assignment of thinking up conceptual way to represent lots of data that also would have certain relations with each other or being assigned to a group or something. What I came up with was a relational particle system.

What does it do in essence?
Well it represents every data item as a little particle and the particle will inherit some of the data properties. On the base of these properties relations with other particles are made when a single particle is selected. The particle that has a relation with the selected particle will be atracted to the selected particle and in this way form a group of related particles. The other particles that do not have a relation will try to keep away from the group.

What are the possibilities?
The possibilities in this system could be endless in representing data and relations. In the example the relation is only based on color but this could of course be on multiple properties. You could then create a distance or 3d depth to visualize which particles have a closer relationship with the selected particle. It would also be possible to add a search particle to the field. In this search particle you could set a property that would attract other particles that share the same property and form a group.

The example:
In this small example the relation is in color. The selected particle will attract other particles that share the same color. On the bottom of the example there are two buttons. First one is to end the free moving around option of a particle and places them in a grid. The second button will continue the free roaming. It was all created in Flash with actionscript 3. See the example

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