What have I been up to lately: Tactive showcase

Last year at TFE we (Jaap and I) have been working on a project called Tactive. It’s an online platform for treatment of addictions. This platform is a replacement for the already existing treatment for an alcohol addiction. It seems to be easier for people to sign up for a treatment online rather than meeting an expert face to face.

The platform is build generic and can be extended for other addictions but the first release is for an alcohol addiction. The platform consists of seven Flex applications, from these applications the client uses three. The other applications are used by counselors and administrators.

The Client application

Via this application the client communicates with the counselor. The counselor can send assignments which help the client to complete the treatment. From this application the diary and help can be openend.


The Diary

During the treatment a client can fill in his alcohol consumption. Also the counselor can monitor the drinking habit and set a drinking target for the clients.

Diary overview

Via the moment description panel a client can describe what he was feeling and why they wanted to drink.

Diary moment registration

The other applications which are used by administrators and counselors are used for administration and maintainability.


Define your stylesheets beforehand! Doing this after a couple of months without any good structure in the beginning isn’t the best thing to do.

We learned a lot about security. Medical information has the highest privacy rating so it needs to be kept as save as possible.

We used subversion and cruisecontrol on a remote server to develop and deploy our project with ease.

Potential clients can sign up via a website called alcoholdebaas.nl (alcohol treatment [dutch]) .

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