Dutch Adobe user group: 10-10-2007 interactive video

Today I went to the Dutch adobe user group meeting in Amsterdam. It was all about interactive video and stuff that has to do with it. A very interesting meeting and especially in the end an inspiring meeting. Before the break it was more a company commercial for NetMaster by Mark de Jong. It’s not really what I found necessary on this meeting. If I wanted this information I go look for it on the web. But never the less probably a good company for streaming servers and more. Waldo Smeets was also there telling us about flash media server 3 and adobe mediaplayer. These presentations where good as expected by Waldo but some disappointments here about FMS 3 not supporting building custom items to it and is just like FMS 2 it that way. What it has is an encrypted rtmp connection and better performance. But it looks to me like a 2.5 version instead of a 3 version. (to be honest this too could all be looked up at the web)

So after all this sales stuff began the real inspiring presentations by Elvin Dechesne and Sander Riel (Satama FlashFabriek) and Jorge Calleja (Wieden & Kennedy). Elvin and Sander told us three of their cases about the projects they did. It was really cool to see how they made and created these interactive video websites. Explaining some about alpha channels and keeping up good performance by cutting static items from the video. And always let your actor do a dance when you are filming him/her:)

Next up was Jorge. After an inspiring real story about drawing a house he came with a couple of works he did and those where really cool.

drawing a house

Next he went in deeper on this project ‘get the glass’ which he did. It was nice to hear what choices where made and how it was developed. His devotion to the work really got me going to. Thanks for sharing this with some of us!

All in all it was a good session although I would suggest the adobe user group to do more presentations about developer experiences then on company ’sale’ presentations.

[edit oct 15 2007:] A link with pictures,video and report(Dutch) of the AOB [/edit]

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