Best Flash- Flex- flipbook ever!

Ruben Swieringa did a great job in developing this amazing flipbook. I am always frustrated when a company publishes their folder in a online flipbook version which never really works and is full of bugs. But Ruben has written a great product with lots of extra features like transparancy, hard covers and tear off pages. The book works and feels like a real book. You can turn the page by clicking somewhere on the whole side instead of only in the corner which is commonly used. The flips feels very natural and is almost glitch free and the performance is already very good.

I think this is the best digital flip book ever, you can forget all about the others!

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  1. On Jun 7, 2007, Ruben Swieringa said:

    Wow man, I really think I’m starting to blush here, thanks for all the attention and support!

  2. On Jun 7, 2007, Veloks said:

    Wow, this guy did an amazing job.
    Notice that hes only 18 years old. Amazing

  3. On Jun 7, 2007, Ruben Swieringa said:

    Haha, well actually I’m turning 20 tomorrow, but thanks for the compliment nevertheless.. ;)

  4. On Jun 7, 2007, aYo said:

    Well Done- Its brilliant

  5. On Jun 7, 2007, Mike Johnson said:

    This was done a year ago with code availble by Eliy Greenfield from Adobe.
    Looks like it’s just a reskin folks.

  6. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    All books are based on the same mathematics ofcourse so in that way you are right, so even Ely Greenfield wasn’t the first one to create a book, perhaps he was the first in flex. I can assure you this is not reskinning. It has been build up from the ground. Again with the same mathematics in mind.

    So folks, it’s not a reskin!

  7. On Jun 7, 2007, Mike Johnson said:

    Just seems waaay to suspect. I respect someone more when they will at least fess up. I understand he changed a few things here and there. Merged a few things. But take a look it is the same thing.

  8. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    What is suspicous to me is why you are using different names… seriously I don’t have to defend something because of your non-believe.

  9. On Jun 7, 2007, Mike Johnson said:

    Give credit where credit is do. It’s someone else’s code who he didn’t give credit to:

  10. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    Like I said earlier but what you failed to notice probably is that it is not someone else it’s code but its ruben’s code. He only used the concept pageflip. So did Ely. So credits go out for the concept.

  11. On Jun 7, 2007, Mike Johnson said:

    Here is the exact link to the same exact book:
    How is it not the same?

  12. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    You just have to take Ruben’s and my word for it dude.

  13. On Jun 7, 2007, Nate said:

    It’s Ely’s. He added a lame tear effect.

    Ely’s component looks light years ahead of the previous books. Ruben’s is EXACTLY the same.

    Even if he did build it from the ground up and only used Ely for inspiration he shouldn’t be passing it off as his work. He can be proud of himself for understanding how it’s done but don’t post blogs about it.

    Shame on you Gerben for saying this is the best flip book ever.

  14. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    Shame on me? I still believe i’m entitled to having my own opinion and I don’t have to be ashamed about that at all. I clearly state: ” i think this is the best flip book ever”.

    Secondly it took me only 5 minutes to find these:

    None of them is credited by Ely, and Ely’s isn’t lightyears ahead from the first link. Ofcourse I respect Ely’s work, he’s a genius, but it doesn’t mean nobody else can create a flipbook without crediting Ely. Certainly not when Ruben has build it all on it’s own (Although it’s hard for you to believe that). And it had less bugs then Ely’s version ( take no offence Ely!).

    So in my view it’s the best available!

  15. On Jun 7, 2007, Mike Johnson said:

    First Gerben I would like to thank you for leaving this discussion up and not removing it from your site like the rest of Ruben’s friends and himself. That is very noble of you and I respect you for that and your opinion.

    Here is the problem I have. Ely says it straight out that he verted it from flash version to flex. He gives credit where credit is do and let everybody know where it came from. He turned it into a flex piece and supplied everyone with the code. Now Ruben is going to get that and make a few adjustments and claim that it is his own. I mean he says that he built it from ground up? Come on man

    How would you feel if someone swiped the code you supplied everybody with and then made this grand release without giving credit? This is bad for all of us because I guarantee people will stop sharing their code if guys like Ruben out there pull the piracy act and claim it for there own. Think about it.

  16. On Jun 7, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    Thank you, part of me likes dicussing and sharing professional opinions, that is what a blog is about, isn’t it.

    I can understand your problem, but how can you determin he commited an act of piracy? You can’t cause he didn’t share his code. But he did state he would, so in my opinion he is innocent until proven guilty. Ruben made a great component and gave us preview and asked for our professional opinion.

    I had the luck to be a witness of the development so I know it is self made and as far as I know Ruben he will publish his source code and help the community. So I think it would be more constructive if we comment on how the application works and where it needs improvement.

  17. On Jun 8, 2007, Wietse Veenstra said:

    Ok, I will put them back up. Just to show to the community what this is about and why I did remove them. At this blog you call yourself Mike. But strangely enough on mine we fine exactly the same comment, posted by Frances Demay. Why would you be using different names to post the same BS on our weblogs? I believe its time you start trusting us when we state that Ruben built this thing all by himself, and wait until he puts up the code before making any further false accusations.

  18. On Jun 8, 2007, Nate said:
    Are Ely’s components too. Page-flip is trying to sell it and more power too them. The license Ely included allows for this. They don’t claim to have made it from scratch and they have actually improved on it.

    The other two links are not ely’s. You can tell by the way the page turns.

    Just because lots of people have copied from Ely and not given him credit does not mean that Grueben should get away with it.

  19. On Jun 8, 2007, Gerben Robijn said:

    You spelled the name incorrect. It should be Ruben. And Ruben claim’s to have build it from scratch because he did. So I will stop discussing this now cause it’s no use. And I must say I find it a bit disrespectfull to Ruben that you all think he is pirating. You don’t know all the facts so you can’t say he is. Besides if you just read his blog you see he is already a good addition for the community. Not the looks of a pirate to me!

    I personally think you guys are bad for the community for saying things you don’t have all the facts about. Not very motivating for youngsters to be an addition in the community.

  20. On Sep 22, 2008, Stefan said:

    So, when will the code be made public? :)

  21. On Sep 23, 2008, Gerben Robijn said:

    It’s been available for a while now… check out Ruben his blog

  22. On Jan 9, 2009, FTR said:

    Never have I seen such a lame and bad-spritited discussion about code use from those who clearly know nothing of what they’re talking about. How on Earth do you imagine software is developed if we don’t build on the work of others? You’d have to build your own computer from your own silicon to satisfy people like that. Personally I’d have taken it off my own website for being boring and irrelevant.

  23. On Jan 16, 2009, KJSPERL said:

    I’m taking a chance and asking this question here. I am attempting to use Rubin’s FLEX page flip with SWF exported from Quark Interactive Designer, creating SWF Version 7 files. When I attempt to embed the SWF as pages in his book, I get “Unable to create Source” errors for each of those SWF’s. Does anyone here have any ideas?? Is there a way I can indicate that the SWF are version 7 files or is there a different problem. Any other files work OK. So it has something to do with the Quark generated SWF’s. Quark cant help me.

  24. On Jan 16, 2009, Gerben Robijn said:

    I have seen your code on the adobe forum.

    What if you tried to do this:
    instead of this:

    According to this post it helps:

  25. On Jan 16, 2009, KJSPERL said:

    Hey Gerben:
    What you are describing is, I believe, an issue with “transcoding” or path resolution. This is not that type of problem. It finds the SWF file but appears unable to instantiate an instance of that type. I beleive it has to do with the fact that Quark exports SWF version 7 files and FLEX wants no less than SWF version 8. I have attempted to poke the byte with the value 8, with no success. I am just wondering if there is a way to tell FLEX that the SWF is a version 7 object and/or to tell FELX to build with Version 7 instead of 8+. I would LOVE to use Ruben’s FLEX app, but I am a magazine publisher not a coder, (anymore), and cannot take much more time trying to get this to work. Any ideas. Anyone. I am out of ideas.

    Thanks, Kevin

  26. On Aug 22, 2011, davidhunternyc said:

    It has been a while since someone has posted here.
    I love this pageflip book and I agree, it is the best flipbook I’ve seen. I don’t care who did the code but I would like to use it. Would someone please provide the link as to where I can get this book?
    Thank you.

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