Learning vids

At work we are now trying to specialize in a couple of regions to improve our flash/flex skills and building cooler products. We have 3d, interaction and video & sound. Video & sound is going to be my field of work the couple of months. I have absolutly no knowledge about video, besides watching and collecting movies that is, so i’m looking forward in learning about all that.

We are going to start with our first assignment next week and we’ll try to build a trailer of a excisting movie. In this way we try to learn the basics of programs like premiere, final cut pro and after effects. I’ll try bto build a trailer for the bourne supremacy movie. I have a cool mash-up for the background music. So i’m hoping for the best.

If you have pointers feel free to comment! It would be very helpfull! Hoping to post my trailer next week so beware:)

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