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AS3 latitude and longitude positioning in a Mercator and Equirectangular projection

For a project for thefactor.e I was playing around with placing latitude / longitude coordinates to x y positions and as easy as this sounds it is quite a search through different type of projections and formulas. This post will sum up two of those projections which are mostly used, a mercator and a equirectangular projection, with the as3 codes behind them. To illustrate it all I made a little demo.

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<labs. is my digital playground where I research possibilities and solutions in video, Adobe Flash and Flex, and more stuff that comes on my way. I currently work for yellowBird building 360 degree video experiences
Name: Gerben Robijn
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The dilemma within the expenses within the loss of life penalty has actually been dealt with thoroughly in a great number of states and with the federal government.

The dilemma within the expenses within the loss of life penalty has actually been dealt with thoroughly in a great number of states and with the federal government.

I. Introduction.

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Great Pathways Combining Science and Craft

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Egyptian document Barack Obama member of Muslim Brotherhood

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Just how to Perform Educational Research

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